IHL 25+ Evals Scheduled

by Jerry Fronek

The IHL level is our marquee league and is a competitive 25+ league designed for players with higher level playing backgrounds.  The top players in this league played at the Junior A or Collegiate level.  The average players in this league played travel club hockey growing up.  If, through the evaluation process, our GM's feel that you would not be a fit in the IHL level you will be given the option to play in the FHL instead.  The FHL is designed for older players, recreational players and those newer to the game.   If you are new to the IHL register here. 


You must be 25 years of age by the start of the current season.  Under age exceptions are made on a case by case basis.  


The league fee is $190.00 plus proof of 2019-20 USA Hockey Insurance.  You must register at one of the evaluation skates and be paid in full to be put on the draft board. 


Players new to the league must skate in one of the evaluations.  The evaluation skates are just a pick up game but the IHL league GM's are present and will evaluate each new player and assign a ranking to be used at our draft.  This ensures that we have the correct player profile for each player in the draft. 

  • $10.00 per skate.
  • All players must present their 2019-20 USA Hockey insurance to be allowed on the ice.
  • Goaltenders are scheduled for these skates and must contact Jerry Fronek before attending.

IHL Evaluation dates (25 & Over Division)

SUNDAY september 29TH, 2019 - 8:15PM-9:45PM  ON ICE EVALUATION
SUNDAY october 6th , 2019 - 8:15PM-9:45PM ON ICE EVALUATION

tuesDAY october 8TH, 2019    - 8:00PM IHL Draft
SUNDAY october 13TH, 2019   - Season Opens

(Lobby registration will begin 45 minutes prior to ice)

Game Days

For the Fall 2019 season games can be scheduled in any of these slots,  one game per week with an occasional second game possible. 

Primary Game Slots

Sunday(8:15pm or 9:45pm)
Monday(10:15pm), Tuesday(10:15pm)

Secondary Game Slots

Wednesday(9:15pm or 10:45pm), Thursday (10:15pm)


All teams make a single elimination playoff.  The league's Heineken Cup Final's series is a best of 3. 

There is a regular season games played minimum requirement of 4 games.


The IHL typically runs two seasons per calendar year but can start at three different points depending on the rink schedule.

Summer season -  The Summer season typically starts evaluations in May and runs through late August. 

Fall Season - The Fall season typically starts evaluations in September and runs through December or January.

Winter Season - The Winter season typically starts in January and will run through April.