Salvatore Shocks Fans, Signs for FHL Draft

by Trisha Takinawa

St. Johnson AP - Word among insiders over the past week had it that Rich "Sal" Salvatore would be making his long awaited return to the ice this Fall.  Others on the inside were very skeptical citing other projects and a lack of interest in getting back in shape to hit the IHL. Then, Tuesday night the news dropped.  Salvatore, 43, owner of the IHL's Iron Man record of 79 straight games played and the very first Art Carney Award winner for leading the league in points had committed to return to the ice through his agent Credence Clearwater Sanchez.  The only catch, Salvatore is headed for the FHL not the IHL. He would be a highly sought after rookie in the Federal league regardless of physical condition. 

There are also rumors of illegal tampering by the Big Kahuna Tasty Burgers organization concerning Salvatore's return.  If these rumors turn out to be true Tasty Burger GM Chris Blumka would be on the hot seat again.  He was last on the hot seat a few seasons ago when he let Alan Wyss and Jerry Fronek walk in free agency after winning the Legend Cup. While the Burgers have been shut out of championships since that fateful decision both Wyss and Fronek have gone on to win multiple titles with different organizations.

 Lately Salvatore has spent most of his time enjoying the sun and eating lunch.  In the photo above he is shown strolling on the beach in Faro di Punta Sabbioni.  Local legend has it that he swam there amongst the ferries from Murano Island after a visit to the Macelleria Da Sergio Butcher Shop in order to start preparing for the FHL this Fall. Salvatore denies these reports and currently seems only vaguely aware that he has declared for the FHL draft. More on this story as it develops.