Shamrocks Secure First Pick In FHL Draft

by Marge Thatcher

Bourbon, Tennessee - The FHL draft kicks off tonight at 7:00pm at the Bourbon Stadium, home of the Industry Tap House Red Fox.  Earlier this week, The Sterr Shamrocks won the lottery for the number one overall pick of the draft and all eyes will be on wily veteran GM Jeff Sterr to see who he grabs first.

In a bit of a surprise, The Saratoga Six Eagles grabbed the 2nd pick while being projected at 6. Meanwhile luck hasn't changed for the beleaguered Rachke Wrenches organization as they were projected to land a top 2 pick and will now end up with the 5th pick.  Fans on edge in Wrenchville certainly are not happy with the latest developments.

Draft Notes...

Rich Salvatore who declared for the FHL draft earlier last month and created quite a buzz was a shade over his projected weight at his workout and finished the landmark 60 second drill in 123.8 seconds.  Early on projections of a top 4 pick for Salvatore have soured a bit as a result.

Greg Peckham, another rookie, dazzled at the league workouts and projects as a versatile two way player that can play forward or Defense.

Defenseman Sean Deering has passed his league physical and is expected to be ready to go at the start of the regular season.

Bryan Carver coming off a career low in points will be looking to rebound possibly with a new club this fall.

Veteran Defensemen Joel Allison will return to the FHL this season after a 7 year stint in the CEL in Europe.

Rookies Chris Kozak, Jonathon Bourell, Doug Mayer, Kevin Moran and Goalie Charles Methvin will make their FHL debuts this fall and will compete with Salvatore and Peckham for Rookie Of The Year honors. 

Dan Kenny and Joe Luciano both of whom ended last season on the PUP list are healthy and declared ready for week one.

Finally, the Big Kahuna Tasty Burgers have frozen operations for this season and the former My Eye Dr Eagles have returned to the FHL as the Saratoga Six Eagles.