Shamrocks Shake Up Organization After Early Exit

by Harold O'Ramis

Sterr County AP - The Shamrock Shake is officially on. Last night, shortly after blowing their fifth 5-1 lead of the year and eventually losing badly to the shorthanded Industry Tap Red Fox, leading scorer Kris Boisselle announced his retirement from the FHL. Early this morning GM Jeff Sterr told reporters that 2nd leading scorer and former champion Jerry Fronek would not be retained by the organization and D Mike Hannon was already on a plane and being shipped off to Ireland.

The Summer '23 season was the worst, statistically speaking, in Sterr Shamrock history and while the team had a strong post game chemistry the fan base is eager for a fresh start after finishing in fifth place in the standings for the last three consecutive seasons. The Shamrocks, who have four championships, last won the Legend Cup four seasons ago in the fall of 2021 despite a 4th place regular season finish that year.

Calls are strong to bring back Brian Snikeris, a long time fan favorite with the Shamrocks and one of the most electrifying players in the league, who is currently under contract with the Insomniak Vigilantes through the end of this season.